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Add traceability to your end product and access your stock data from anywhere



Make an end to all that paperwork when recording your crocodile and alligator data. This app allows you to keep track of individual animals through affordable RFID implants - simply scan the chipped animal and record its latest measurements, physical condition and location. The app stores all your data safely in the cloud which allows you to access important data from anywhere at the click of a button.

View each animal's individual growth chart or select a group of animals to view averages across your selection. Keep visual records of each animal's skin condition by recording the nature and location of skin damage. Follow your farm's performance and be notified immediately in case of new disease or mortalities. Keep track of feeding quantities and wastages. Keep track of your stores. Set the user privileges for your different staff departments to limit and give access where necessary.



How does it work?

This software suite consists of two parts - the mobile app which is used by staff on the ground to register new animals, to record any disease or mortalities, receive feeding instructions and directions from management. In addition to this the software includes a web based system where farm management can easily compile reports, configure farm settings and view overall work progress.



Software Pricing Models:

We realise no two farms are the same in scope or size, and in order to better fit your needs as a unique business we offer two pricing plans for you to choose from:


1) Annual fee of $129.00 for each mobile device connected to your account. Unlimited number of animals can be registered at no extra cost. Payment for this is made at the beginning of your one year cycle. Buy here


2) Monthly fee of $0.00585 for each animal that is registered and marked as active in your database. Unlimited number of mobile devices can be linked to your account at no extra cost. Billing occurs at the end of every month


Both options are subject to a $99.00 database activation fee which gives you perpetual access to your farm records through our WebUI. At the expiration of your free 30 day trial send us an email and let us know on what pricing plan you would like to continue.



Use CrocFarm to digitally keep track of:

+ Individual animal growth, movements, feed consumed, disease, skin damage
+ Groups of animals and their relevant data
+ Diseases
+ Mortalities
+ Feed usage
+ Feed wastage
+ Culling
+ Stores inventory

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App modules:



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