Software Pricing


We realise no two farms are the same in scope or size, and in order to better fit your needs as a unique business we offer two pricing plans for you to choose from:


1) Annual fee of USD 119.00 for each mobile device connected to your account. Unlimited number of animals can be registered at no extra cost. Billing occurs at the beginning of your one year cycle


2) Monthly fee of USD 0.006 for each animal that is registered and marked as active in your database. Unlimited number of mobile devices can be linked to your account at no extra cost. Billing occurs at the end of every month


Both options are subject to a USD 99.00 database activation fee which gives you perpetual access to your farm records through our WebUI. At the expiration of your free 30 day trial send us an email and let us know on what pricing plan you would like to continue.



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